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Telescope bsm_tx date 230618 (yymmdd)

Run at 06/19/2023 23:35:27 EDT

Warnings and Errors

INFO total images: Number of images processed during the pipeline run

ERROR IMAGE FILE MISSING: This is a serious error. It could be the result of a disk failure or defect in the pipeline scripts.

WARNING images not plate solved at observatory: This indicates images that may of poor quality or under exposed. Good quality images should be plate solved.

WARNING images suspected over exposed: The target object maxadu is over the linearity limit for the camera.

WARNING images without target object photometry: The pipeline performs full frame photometry on every image. This error indicates no photometric result was found that lies with 15 arcsec of the target object. This may be expected for extended objects. For point objects it may indicate a poor-quality image, bad exposure, etc. It makes it more likely the requestor will be not be getting good photometry.

ERROR images with invalid binning: This is a serious error since the pipeline cannot handle multiple binning levels for a given telescope. These images do not get properly processed and will be unusable.

ERROR images with invalid read mode: This indicates the camera configuration at the observatory has changed from its standard and the images are likely out of sync with the calibration images.

ERROR images with invalid image type: This is likely a due to calibration images getting stored on the telescope computer in the wrong directory and getting transferred to the pipeline as science images.

WARNING images with target off center: This indicates that, for plate solved images, the target is 25% of the radius of the image from the center of the frame. This may be intentional as when it is off center to include comp stars. However, it may indicate problems with the telescope pointing.

ERROR images with duplicate times: The frame date and time are identical to another image. This is not possible and represents an error in the pipeline processing.

ERROR Dark and Bias must be at the same temperature: The set of bias and dark calibration masters selected were not at the same temperature. This needs to be investigate and corrected. See calibration file section of this report for more information.

ERROR Science images must be at the same temperature: The science images were taken at more than one temperature. The pipeline will pick the most majority temperature and apply calibration images for that temperature to all images. See the CCD set point section of this report for more information.

WARNING dark masters more than 180 days old: The dark and bias master files in use are getting old. Consider getting new ones. See Calibration File Age section for details.

WARNING flat masters more than 15 days old: The flat master file(s) in use are getting old. Consider getting new ones. See Calibration File Age section for details.

Calibration File Age in Days

Weather and Moon information

no SOD jpg

CCD set point vs operating temperature

Pointing Performance

Suspected Over Exposed Images

Suspected Under Exposed Images

Images by Target Object

Remark-o-matic Image View

Image Table

Column Definitions

DateTime: UTC timestamp

filename: Image filename in IRAF processing and as JPEG thumbnail

link: Hyperlink to JPEG thumbnail

objid: Target object ID as defined in ACP plan and in FITS header

filter: Photometric filter used

exptime or exp: Exposure time in sec

airmass or am: Airmass during exposure

hr_ang or ha: The hour angle for the images in hours.

has_wcs or wcs: Image was plate solved at observatory and World Coordinate Systems attributes (WCS) attributes were placed in FITS header.

fwhm: Full Width Half Max star images as measured at observatory

instmag: Target object instrumental magnitude as measured by pipeline IRAF photomery subsystem

err: Target object magnitude error as measured by pipeline IRAF photomery subsystem

maxadu: Target object maximum ADU as measured by pipeline IRAF photomery subsystem

auid: AAVSO Unique Identifier for the target object

center2obj: Separation of target object from center of the image in arcmin

JD: Julian date - 2540000

ccd_temp: Camera sensor temperature (C)

set_temp: Camera cooler set point temperatur (C)

img_type: Image type; "Light" is expected; "Flat", "Dark" or "Bias" indicate a mixup in the telescope computer settings

read_mode: Various values, but this should be the same for all images at a given telescope

binning: X and Y binning of sensor pixels; this should be the same for all images at a given telescope

fov_radius_amin: Radius of field of view for the camera sensor across the shorter dimension in arcmin

image_available: This should also be yes(Y) unless a failure in the HQ computer sysem

OE: !OE! indicates over exposed target. The max ADU for the target is more than the linearity liit of the camera.

new_exp: Suggested new exposure for over exposed targets.

nstk: If this is a stacked image, number of images combined.

ChgCSV: The exposure was automatically changed in the Scheduler CSV file.

tnimage: Small image thumbnail that will open the full JPEG thumbnail image in a new tab